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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Bush Sides Against DeLay on Judges
While reading through various blog posts I had C-SPAN on in the background. President Bush was speaking at the American Society of Newspaper Editors Convention. The question session that followed was the same dribble of Bush not being able to express concisely our policy towards China, trying to communicate he understands both sides but won't change his position, etc etc etc. But then the last question was a gem. An audience member (not sure who) asked about Congress putting pressure on judges to be less activist. His response:

I think there are three distinct branches of government, and they ought to act independently and serve as checks and balances. I'm strongly for an independent judiciary. My focus with Congress on judges is that they're not approving enough of my judges in the United States Senate. And I think my judges ought to get an up or down vote, period. I think they ought to get a hearing, and I think they ought to get to the floor of the Senate, and I think they ought to deserve an up or down vote. But I'm strongly for an independent judiciary.

This is not a rousing support of the Randall Terry's and James Dobson's and Tom DeLay's of this country. I believe Bush is smart enough to know that judges are doing a good job even if sometimes he doesn't agree with them. I'm not sure which pisses me off more though: the fact that he is so conservative to want the judges he recommends (plus his position on stem cells) or the fact that he may well be selling out to the fanatical elements of the religious right for political gain.

For anyone wondering, has a transcript.

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