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Sunday, April 24, 2005
DeLay's Downward Spiral
Fascinating article today in the Washington Post. They basically lay down a case that the Ethics Committee CANNOT ignore. Its against House Rules to pay for a trip with non-profit money if that non-profit will be reimbursed with a lobbyist's money. But that wasn't the case at all. DeLay paid for his London trip, among others, with Abramoff's own American Express. Talk about smoking gun.

This will take a few days to penetrate the Beltway, but when it does it'll be clear DeLay's been lying all along. With such solid evidence, perhaps even the new stacked Ethics Committee will be forced to vote against DeLay. Maybe. We'll see about that.

Congress needs to be purged of slime like DeLay on both sides of the aisle. The greater public accountability we see out of Washington the less pork Congress will shove through and the faster our economy and dollar will turn around. We need younger representatives who understand the problems that real Americans face. A Congressman who flies around the world on someone else's dollar--whether its within the rules or not--is simply not in touch with the American People. Period.

P.S. Slate Handicaps DeLay's Replacement.

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