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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Democrats and Culture
I'm very quickly becoming a huge Ed Kilgore fan. On the issue of how Democrats deal with culture, I think he gets about as close to my personal thoughts on the issue.

There's an inherent conflict between free speech and the so-called "moral values" movement. I happen to think that free speech is one of this country's greatest moral values. However, I can agree with that movement on a couple of points. This is generally been coined by conservatives as "Hollywood"...mainly because when you say Hollywood you think of stupid wealthy liberal movie stars who, in order to get press, claim they'll move to Canada if Bush wins, etc. This image works wonders for conservatives because people can easily be jealous of over-hyped movie stars. But this isn't a movie-star issue. This is a corporate issue. Massive studios run Hollywood, and massive studios put out culturally damaging movies, music, television, and Internet content.

Now I don't think anyone is advocating across-the-board censorship. Indeed, Desperate Housewives is just as popular in the Red States. But the issue of parental control and keeping obscene content away from the eyes of children is a central issue to the moral values crowd. So I suggest that you read Kilgore's opinion.

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