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Monday, April 04, 2005
FL - Gov 2006
Since I'm from Florida and since no one really reads this blog, I intend to discuss Florida politics on occasion. If you're interested in such, the links off to the right devote entire blogs to our politics in the Sunshine State.

Congressman Jim Davis is my Congressman, and I'm a proud supporter. It looks like he's off to an early lead in the Democratic Primary, according to the Tampa Tribune.

Many of my thoughts have been confirmed by this article, including that no South Florida candidate gives Davis the advantage over State Senator Rod Smith. Davis has a bigger support base in the swing section of the state, giving him an advantage in the general election. The key is to win South Florida.

If there isn't a Democratic candidate from South Florida, then hopefully that particular barrel o' cash will support Davis, even though he is a relative unknown.

Simply stated, we here in Florida are sick of the Bushies, and we need a Democratic Governor again.

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