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Saturday, April 02, 2005
Hal Turner 2
I finished my response:

Yes, but did not Jesus say that he came to replace the old ways? That the new Commandment was "Love Thy Neighbor"?

I'm a young Roman Catholic, so the choice of the next Pope is very important to me. It could literally be the best or worst decision of Pope ever made due to the rise of the Information Age. The Pope can speak to the people of the planet in ways that would make St Peter himself downright jealous.

As for your explanation of why the next Pope must be White...there are several verses of the Old Testament that Christ himself diagreed with, meaning that the physical text itself is important but does not represent, word-for-word, the true decree of God himself, no? It is certainly an immensely important document, but we must first look to the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles, then look to the Old Testament for answers.

Your logic, written out, looks like this:

1. Adam
-> Poor translation of 'Awdom'
2. Adwom
-> Means 'Ruddy of Complexion'
3. Ruddy Complexion
-> Blood can be seen through skin
4. Blood can be seen through skin
-> Light skin
5. Light skin
-> Belongs to "White" Race
6. White Race
-> All Other Races were created on the SIXTH Day
7. Other Races Created on SIXTH Day
-> Are not God's "Chosen"

Each item above could be logically disputed. For example, #4 above, the blood vessels of even the darkest of Africans are still visible through their skin (that's how nurses are able to withdraw blood). While the red of their blood isn't visible, it isn't in Whites either. Veins are the only blood vessels near the surface of the skin, and they carry de-oxygenated ("blue") blood.

My fear is that you jump so quickly past Jesus' teaching to "Love Thy Neighbor" to a series of fallacious logical steps that you miss the greatest gift Christ himself brought us: Love of our fellow human beings
I honestly can't wait to hear back from him. I tried to be as civil as possible (let me know if I'm not). I love an honest, civil debate. As long as he doesn't go into asshole mode, I can like the man, just not his ideas.

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