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Sunday, April 03, 2005
Hal Turner 3
Hal Responded:

No. He did not say he came "to replace the old way." FAR FROM IT. When Jesus was asked if he was giving changing the laws of God, he replied NO. I change not one jot or tittle of the law.
He also said he was sent to pit mother daughter, father against son, brother against brother. Those who would accept him and his truth would be forever cast out by those who do not.
He told his disciples "Love one another" but look who he was talking to. His disciples! He certainly didn;t mean the savages from darkest Africa.
Ok, technically, Hal has one small point. Jesus said in one passage he was not here to change the old ways, but he made some other point which I can't remember--my Bible skills are a little rusty to say the least. I think it is sufficient to say almost everyone knows that Jesus changed the old Jewish tradition of "an eye for an eye" to the more compassionate "turn the other cheek". Everything else Hal wrote is bogus. I'm a little too tired to respond right now, but I look forward in continuing the dialogue. Possibly after a little Bible brush-up.

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