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Saturday, April 02, 2005
Hal Turner
C&L had a post pointing us to Hal Turner's (blog-like) Website. First of all, if I were to call Turner a far-Right-Winger, it wouldn't be fair to him, and it definitely wouldn't be fair to Republicans. This guy is definitely not a Republican. He believes (like many Democrats) that Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq. But Turner believes its a lie for a different reason. Michael Moore Democrats maintain it is about oil. Turner just plain doesn't like the fact that we freed Iraqies (ie, non-whites (ie, "not God's "Chosen")).

Among Hal Turner's site's more recent posts was this post (not a true blog as there aren't permalinks):

If they do, it will rightly mean the total destruction of the Catholic Church
Non-Whites can never be Pope because they are not of God's Chosen; Jews have been trying to steal the title of "God's Chosen" for centuries, but those of us who understand the Bible know that only whites constitute God's Chosen. It says so in the Bible, Book of Genesis.
Now being a Roman Catholic, the concept that the Book of Genesis says that non-Whites are not God's Chosen perturbs me. As such, I emailed him. Please, if you just want to insult him, don't email him, I believe that the only way to beat stupidity is civility. This is my email:

Subject: Where in the Bible

Does it say "Non-Whites...are not of God's Chosen". You said it says so in the Book of Genesis. Chapter and Verse?
To my delight, he responded:

It simple. In Genesis 1, it reports that on the first day, God created. . . . Second day God created. . . . . etc., until the SIXTH Day. On the SIXTH day, God createed all Human beings? On the seventh Day, God rested. Are you with me so far?

What is the very NEXT thing God did? Genesis 2: God looked at what he created and realized there was no one suitable to take care of the land. So he reached into the dirt, carved out the image of Man and blew the breath of life into him. The man was called "Adam"
If you look at a book such as Strong's Concordance, you will see the name "Adam" was actually Awdom, meaning ruddy of complexion. Where you can see the blood beneath the skin. Which is the ONLY race on earth where you can see the blood under the skin? White people. We're the only one's who can "blush."
Then comes the whole Rib thing with Eve and you have the beginnings of the WHITE race. His Chosen People "Israel."
That's why the "original sin" has only to do with white people. It has nothing to do with non-whites, all of whom are SIXTH Day creations!

Hope this helps.
The email actually seems fairly nice, albeight disgustingly racist. I'm working up a response right now which I'll post when I'm done. But I plan on ignoring the racism aspect entirely. I pride myself on my logical and argumentative skills, so I plan to break down his logic piece by piece and show him just how many logical leaps he takes. I'll attempt to do this as nicely as possible.

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