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Thursday, April 28, 2005
Hastert v DeLay

This man might not look like hero material, but I'm really starting to admire Denny Hastert. As you likely know by now Republicans, under Hastert's leadership (not DeLay's) have reversed the ethics changes they made. I guess its ok to flip-flop if you're a Republican. But this was clearly led by Hastert, and it might easily be the cause of DeLay's downfall. NYTimes:

"I am willing to step back," said Speaker J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois, the moving force behind ethics revisions forced through by the majority in January.

After a closed-door meeting with House Republicans, Mr. Hastert indicated that the reversal was primarily motivated by a need to resolve the torrent of questions surrounding the conduct of Representative Tom DeLay, the majority leader.

Mr. Hastert's relenting to Democrats' demands marked a startling turn as Republicans confronted the fallout from a stalled ethics process that Democrats said was rigged to protect Mr. DeLay, who was admonished three times by the ethics committee last year.

Hastert is an extremely conservative man, he really mirrors the policy beliefs of Newt. But he does think first and make comments later, unlike DeLay. He also is not willing to let DeLay be the reason he loses the Speakership to a Democrat, whereas DeLay is willing to let his party drop out of the majority in order to protect his own power.

It is further evidence of a power struggle going on within the Republican party. It has problems, just not everyone will admit its problems, and a few are willing to fix them. Good job Denny!

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