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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
John Bolton
Looks like he might have gotten de-railed.

Liberal Oasis:
GOP Sen. Voinovich, 4:35 PM ET -- "...I wasn't present during the hearing on John Bolton ... I've heard enough today that I don't feel comfortable about voting for Mr. Bolton."

GOP Sen. Hagel at Bolton hearing, 4:30 PM ET -- "I will vote for moving Bolton out [of committee], but I would also say, that doesn't mean that I will support his nomination on the [Senate] floor. I think these charges are serious enough to demand -- they cry out for further examination."
Republicans have a 2 member majority on the Foreign Relations Committee, if Voinovich votes against him, it'll create a 9-9 tie, so his nomination would be dead in committee.

The U.N. is not a wonderful, rosy, organization. It needs reform, big time. Would a tough talker like Bolton have been able to reform it? Maybe. But chances are that he'd have a Clinton-effect: people would just refuse to even listen to him or consider his ideas. If Voinovich does indeed vote against Bolton as opposed to abstaining (not sure on Foreign Relations Committee Rules) then hopefully Bush will nominate a true uniter. A Bob Dole? A
Christine Todd Whitman?

If Bolton does get to the floor of the Senate, it might take weeks. Its a good thing the UN isn't such a worthwhile organization after all...

UPDATE: Steve Clemons of the Washington Note seems to be the best informed on this situation. If you read his posts today you'll get an interesting timeline.

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