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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
More on Cornyn's Remarks
Cornyn is getting a farily predictable response from the Left. He's certainly giving Democrats some good talking points. Furthermore, hopefully they use it to fend off this nuclear option deal Mr Frist is pondering.

But now, the Right is jumping on the anti-Cornyn bandwagon. Perhaps the best post I've read on this so far, whether a liberal or conservative blog, is this Glenn Reynolds post at Instapundit.

I agree with Reynolds that Cornyn was just rambling (I watched the C-SPAN tape)--and he made plenty of verbal pauses in his speech--his remarks were more of an afterthought. That's obviously not going to stop the liberal bloggers and Harry Reid's war machine. Ultimately, the minority cannot just give in entirely, because if the American people understood what that might mean they would not be happy.

BTW, the machine seems to be working.

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