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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Oh, Nancy Nancy Nancy...
It seems like you might have gotten the Delay itch. Now, in Pelosi's defense, this is the Washington Times we're talking about. So I'll consistently use the word might in italics until I see this re-phrased by an outlet that is not the conservative equivalent of CBS News.

I should point out that I have thought for some time now that if the Democrats regain the majority, Ms Pelosi should not be the Majority Leader. She makes for a fairly decent Minority Leader because that job takes more grit and balls than it does tact and suave. Furthermore the Majority Leader really must lead by example (so should the Minority leader, but hopefully you understand my point).

I should also point out that I read the WashTimes piece twice and still haven't quite pieced it all together. Yes, there's money and influence going multiple directions, but these things can be complicated, and the fact that the WashTimes doesn't seem to be un-complicating it any leads me to have some healthy skepticism.

Having said all that, if Nancy Pelosi really did all the crafty little things Stephen Dinan implies, then she should move aside, and people have a right to be outraged. This could be an extremely positive thing for the Democratic Party: both parties have problems, but the Democratic Party FIXES them. It does bother me that no major liberal blog that I've read (I don't read them all so don't quote me...) hasn't covered this.

Oh, either way Tom DeLay is still dumpster scum and should be run out of his party like he was Askar Akayev.

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