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Monday, April 18, 2005
Pro-DeLay Roundup
Perhaps you might like a summary of what some of the conservative leaning press thinks about Tom DeLay...

NYPost's Arnold Ahlert comments on Democrat's strategy. Points out how DeLay can't really get off the hook while the Democrats are boycotting the Ethics Committee. Notice how Ahlert never disputes DeLay's guilt or comments on whether the Ethics committee will make an honest, non-partisan decision.

WashTimes' Tony Blankly dares quote Oscar Wilde (an attempt at intelligence by association...) to blame Democrats for being nothing but negative. His best quote: "I have been a card-carrying Republican since 1963, when my candidate, Barry Goldwater, suggested cutting off the Northeast and letting it float out to sea. It was a good idea back then, and still has some merit. Too many Republicans up there are born without backbones..." (If he wants to give up those Republican Senate & House Seats, we'll take em). As usual for the Washington Times, they really don't add anything to the debate either.

Rush Limbaugh seems to think that the Washington Post is Chris Shay's lapdog.

Weekly Standard
builds the case that DeLay is extremely vital to the Republican Party, therefore Democrats are going after him: "The truth is that Tom DeLay is a special target because he is the first legislative power broker to be an authentic Red State conservative."

All these outlets focus on a common logical set:

1. DeLay is important for conservatives
2. Democrats can't get their agenda out
3. Therefore, Democrats attack DeLay

Logically, this would make sense. But that only makes sense if you clarify "Democrats" to mean "National Democrats". Last time I checked, DeLay's problems started in Texas and TRMPAC and then Abramoff, did they not?

The Republican Talking Points build a good case for WHY Democrats might want to attack DeLay, but it looks over the sequence of events that brought DeLay's ethical problems to light. DeLay's problems started well before the last election. I grant that Democrats have hounded on it for exactly the logical progression stated above, but that doesn't mean DeLay is innocent of the charges. It just means Democrats are playing politics. And playing politics is something everyone's guilty of doing, playing politics is exactly the reason Tom DeLay is so important for the Republican Party.

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