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Monday, May 02, 2005
Intelligent Design
This post on Slashdot rather annoys me. The notion that evolutionary theory is "flawed" is somewhat off base. In fact, evolution is a unifying theory--a theory of how to create theories, if you will. It is a theory that allows researchers a decent framework from which to work.

When Creationism was the unifying theory, scientists were quite puzzled what to make these bones in the ground we know now to be dinosaurs. Darwin, a mere year after the first full dinosaur skeleton was discovered, proposed a different unifying theory.

Slashdot correctly filed the report under the "mixing-things-that-shouldn't-be dept."

Evolution is a scientific theory, Intelligent Design is a metaphysical theory. Science can be proven using evidence. Some of the more radical proponents of Intelligent Design use logical canyons such as "evolution is flawed because here's something that doesn't make sense, therefore our theory is true".

When something doesn't make sense in evolutionary theory, things have had a marvelous way of working out so that it proves itself right. Given time, science usually figures out the holes. Mind you, this is a logical leap: we can't ignore other theories just because we believe evolution to hold the key. But let's keep it to scientific theories, please.

I personally believe in the METAPHYSICAL version of Intelligent Design. Specifically, God is powerful enough to create the planet and universe any damn way he pleases. Quite frankly, I think evolution has a great beauty to it, and wouldn't mind it at all if that was the way God chose to create us.

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