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Sunday, May 01, 2005
Pat Robertson
Ok ok, this guy has been going off the deep end for quite some time. Unfortunately, since our President happens to wade in fairly deep water, sometimes Robertson gets treated by the main-stream media as a cultural icon, and representative of the rest of America.

The religious right, which I estimate makes up less than 10% of the voting population, seems to have taken two close elections back-to-back as some kind of symbol from God himself.

Crooks and Liars has a video everyone should watch, Stephanopoulos smartly pins Robertson on the far Right by getting him to claim Muslims and Hindus shouldn't be judges. Then Georgie walks to more mainstream issues like Social Security and calls out Robertson's "talk with God" (Robertson claimed to have spoken with God and was told that Social Security and Tax Reform will go through--apparently God is more concerned with tax reform than feeding starving children in South America or fighting HIV in Africa...).

The one thing Stephanopoulos dropped was that Robertson claimed the filibuster had never been used against judges. By now most of us know that to be false, just google "Abe Fortus", Johnson's nominee for Supreme Court Chief Justice, who was fillibustered when the Republicans were in the minority.

At the end of the conversation, Robertson endorsed Brownback, Allen, and partially Guiliani, but was completely against McCain. If things ever get to a Kerry v. McCain race and I jump the fence, it'll be nice to know Robertson won't be there with me.

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