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Monday, May 23, 2005
Topic of the Day: The Filibuster
NOTE: I started my job today, hence this short post. This whole going to work at 8am thing is going to get pretty interesting...


Apparently Owens, Brown, and one other judge are getting through, the others aren't, and the Senate rules still stand.

I argue that this filibuster compromise is a pretty good deal for liberals. Owens and Brown are nuts, sure, but there's almost no way in hell these two can get put on the Supreme Court. If nominated, the media would cover their respective records in much greater detail and we'd all see that they're both just nuts.

The Aside is also pretty much dedicated to the filibuster as well, I especially recommend the C&L videos. Looks like the conservative bloggers aren't too happy...maybe when this is all over the Senate Republicans will act more...Christian...

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