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Monday, May 09, 2005
Topic of the Day: Freedom
Today's Topic of the Day is inspired by Bob Herbert's Column. A must-read for a solid summation of this Administration's bumbling Iraq effort and what they've done to get away with it.

Today's Topic of the Day is also inspired by Bush's visit to the Netherlands, where he lectured the Dutch about freedom. I'm sure all those civilians whose parents risked their families lives by participating in the Dutch Underground need a lecture on freedom from the likes of Bush.


The latest rationale (since WMDs doesn't seem to work anymore) is that the invasion of Iraq was successful because the Iraqi's are now free. Well that's wonderful, but have you ever thought that if Iraqi freedom--instead of Iraqi oil--was the reason we invaded, how many other nations were less free? After all, if there were any nations less free--and dare I say easier to invade--than Iraq, wasn't Bush's choice a mistake? Why yes, Mr Spitfire, you'd say. Logically, if freedom is your goal and you have limited resources, you'd want the most freedom for your buck, right? The most freedom for the lowest cost of American lives, right? Oh course right.

So we travel to Freedom House where we find that Iraq had a Political Rights rating of 7 and a Civil Rights rating of 7 before we invaded. To Bush's credit, this is the worst ranking FH gives. But here are the other countries with a Political Rights rating of 7 in 2001-2002:

Now here are the countries with a Civil Rights rating of 7 in 2001-2002:

For those of you wondering, about 3 times that many in both categories rank as a 6 out of 7.

I bet Bush, in his great drive for freedom, is planning on doing something about Saudi Arabia next...phsssh.

If you're going to talk the language of freedom, either follow up on it or shut your mouth.

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