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Thursday, May 12, 2005
Topic of the Day: Intelligent Design
Today's Topic of the Day is inspired by the happenings in the Sunflower State (although I prefer the term Jayhawker State...).


I originally started this post off by saying that I believed in intelligent design. I then went on to describe the difference between my version of Intelligent Design and the version that the Christian Right tries to push while pretending it is somehow mainstream. But then I realized that the term Intelligent Design itself had be so distorted by the far right that I can no longer even use it. They've truly stolen the term.

So instead of explaining the difference between the Intelligent Design of merit and the intelligent design of the Intelligent Design Network, I'll just explain what I believe and how brilliant a concept it is (and maybe by association me?).

Lots of people talk about how God made the big bang and how he set out all the laws that Newton and Einstein would eventually pencil out. All the while, God knows this will create an evolutionary chain that would eventually evolve into humans.

Bored yet? That's the problem. This prospect fails to take advantage of neat scientific principles and takes long enough to explain that even a 5 yr old could put dozens of holes in the argument.

Maybe my way isn't any better. But I'll give it a shot.

Of all the scientific laws, only 4 things matter:
  1. Strong Force
  2. Weak Force
  3. Electromagnetic Force
  4. Gravity
These four forces exist in an extremely strict proportion. If this strict proportion was slightly different, the world would be completely different. For example, if gravity was slightly stronger, the universe would collapse in on itself fairly often, never allowing enough time for intelligent life to evolve. If gravity was only slightly weaker, matter wouldn't be able to gain the density to have things like meteors, much less suns and planets (a necessary pre-requisite for meteors...). The lesson: if the proportion of these four forces were up to chance, the odds of human life would be millions to one. If that isn't a case for some sense of intelligence, I don't know what else is.

The Christian Right isn't interested in the concept of intelligent design. They've fought a battle with Darwin for 150 years and they are looking for the smallest of victories, and in the process they don't care if they tear down the beauty of our universe that God created in His own special way.

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