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Sunday, June 19, 2005
'08 Talk
Seems that Joe Biden might be running in '08. Watch the video at C&L. I like some things about Biden, he's strong on defense and he isn't coy with the press, at least not as much as others.

But more importantly, having Kerry, Clinton, and Biden running will give the Democratic party a real chance to make a decision. Clinton will likely be the most consensus candidate and she'll probably win. But Biden, despite hailing from Delaware, can't be pinned as the Northeastern Liberal that Kerry was. Furthermore, I'd remind people how barely Kerry lost. That should send the message that the American People don't really care for the extreme conservatism that current sits in the White House.

Not sure that the Republicans will get a similar spectrum of candidates from which to choose. If Guiliani decides that the nomination is more important than his beliefs, then he'll likely wrap it up and we could very well have two hybrid candidates to choose from.

We won't, however, see the Moose's fantasy come true. Mr. Whittman has grossly under-estimated, in my opinion, the nation's reliance on partisanship.

UPDATE: Being a Floridian, seeing Jeb on the ticket would make me puke. Looks like there are some conservatives that agree with me. The very conservative Andy Martin:
Some Republicans are touting Florida Governor Jeb Bush for Vice President in 2008. I am not one of them. Jeb is one of the sleaziest politicians I have ever encountered. I never knew how really sleazy he was until today.
Read the whole thing.

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