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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
John Gibson
Since I had to stay late for work today, I'm pretty pooped. However, I have a solution!

Since I don't get Fox News (or MSNBC, yet I get CNN, CNNHN, and CNBC), I occasionally of late have travelled to their attempt to beat's new video (Fox has failed, video is, in my opinion, wonderful). But video will put me to sleep sometimes, and this won't:

John Gibson's My Word [video] (Soon to be re-titled, "John Gibson's Head Up His Ass")

Now I have no love for Ward Churchill or any nut-job, but the fact of the matter is that when you have 295 Million people in a country, you're gonna find nut-jobs on all ends of the political spectrum, Gibson being one of them.

I'm fairly certain the letter Gibson references had to do with free speech, not agreement with Churchill's comments. If I'm wrong, then someone please inform me.

Either way, I went from too tired to blog to too irate to post anything intelligent. Watch at your own risk.

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