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Saturday, June 18, 2005
Topic of the Day: Gay Marriage

Ed Kilgore is like a political semi-deity:
they seem to understand that any chink in the argument that homosexual behavior is a "libertine lifestyle," a mental illness, or a disease, will expose them to a terrible series of moral and even theological dilemmas:
For them, the issue isn't one of civil rights, because the term implies something inherent in the individual -- being black, say, or a woman -- and they deny that homosexuality is inherent. It can't be, because that would mean God had created some people who are damned from birth, morally blackened. This really is the inescapable root of the whole issue.
Indeed it is. Accepting the scientific evidence that homosexuality is biological would turn the religious argument on the subject upside down, since discrimination against people because of their God-given nature is defiance of God's will rather than obedience.
Gay Marriage became an issue simply because it polls well, extremely well. But Amending the Constitution? I've always maintained that it would get written out of the books, a la Prohibition, within a decade or two. Why? Younger people aren't nearly as against it as their elders. Quite simply, we young-in's don't think homosexuality is taboo. We've all had gay friends, and they're perfectly normal. We don't see marriage as something our friends should be denied.

My proof? It's pathetic that last poll I could find was May 2004--don't get me wrong, plenty of polls on gay marriage, just not with age breakdowns:

No Legal

% % %

ALL 28 29 40

Republicans 13 33 53

Democrats 32 28 36

Independents 37 27 33

18-29 years 43 32 25

30-44 29 25 44

45-64 26 29 41

65 & older 12 32 51

Northeast 35 31 33

Midwest 26 23 47

South 23 26 48

West 31 36 28

Now if you look at the language in a would-be Constitutional Amendment, it would banish all the "benefits" of marriage. So no civil unions. That's a position opposed by 75% of people under age 30.

When I first read through the Constiution in some US History text book, I saw the Prohibition Amendment and its reversal as some silly, immature, poorly thought out scheme. It was then. It is now. A gay marriage Amendment would last just as long as Prohibition.

Karl Rove knows this. But he'll be retired by then. Politics of now, indeed.

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