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Friday, June 17, 2005
Topic of the Day: Placing Blame

Politics has always been a blame game. It's Bush's fault, the Republicans, the Democrats, and of course the Media.

Maybe we should blame the American People every once in awhile. Honestly, politics and journalism is merely a reflection of the people of this country: their lack of concern, their tendencies to compartmentalize, and their own hypocrisies.

Bloggers love to find hypocritical decisions by politicians, as well they should. But realize that those arguments only carry merit if they over-step our own hypocritical tendencies.

Because its Friday and this is a short post, I might as well turn this into something fun. But the best recent example of a blogger coming to this realization was in this Wonkette post about the porn star Mary Carey's appearance at a Bush fund raiser:
...the far left corners of the blogosphere have been crowing Carey's appearance at the dinner will prove to be a "messaging disaster" for the GOP, tarnishing their pro-family image, muddying their morality machine, and in general reminding average Americans that Republicans are hypocritical hedonists who get squeamish about gay marriage but love the idea of threesome with a porn star.

We have news for the premature congratulators: Average Americans are hypocritical hedonists who get squeamish about gay marriage but love the idea of threesome with a porn star.

I try my best--and often fail--to be as un-partisan as possible on this blog simply because I do not believe making the GOP look bad or extreme is going to change anything. Americans voted for these people, hypocrisy and all. Americans don't like to see the people they voted for be demonized, it pisses them off and drives them away from the political process.

If you really think you're ideas are what's best for this country, then don't place blame. Instead, get your ideas out because, if you really are right, your ideas will stand on their own merit.

Forget Fox News, forget the Jonah Goldbergs and John Hinderakers and Paul Mirengoffs (yes, Spitfire, this means you too), and just put your ideas on the table. Last time I checked, Bush, Rumsfeld, DeLay and Frist are giving Americans plenty of reasons to look our way.

Admittedly, you're going to have to work very hard to be heard over all the screwball rhetoric. But then again, the American people are pretty screwed up too.

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