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Sunday, July 03, 2005
"Russert Watch"
I admit, I was one of those people who sat back and sarcastically thought the Huffington Post was doomed to failure. Well, turns out that not only was I wrong, but it produces some fairly solid output.

My favorite recently is Adriana's regular "Russert Watch", in which she duely informs us not only who Russert's guests will be but also what questions she would like to see come out of Timmy's mouth. Here's an appropriate one for Specter and Leahy:
For Specter and Leahy, it might be fun if Russert put up one of his screen-filling graphics, listing all of the potential Supreme Court nominees and asking them: "Okay, of these potential nominees, whose nomination would be considered an ‘extraordinary circumstance' that would allow Democrats -- under the terms of the recent Senate compromise -- to filibuster?”
I would especially like to see this because Specter is a moderate who, being Jewish, doesn't want to see a bible-thumping Radical Right Sermonist Borkian on the Supreme Court. Chances are Specter will dodge the question and Leahy will try to look accepting of a moderate but also won't name any specific names (unless he knows someone that's been ruled out).

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